Half day tour Black Sea Hurricane ( 2 persons)

Krapinske Toplice
1 hour


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Who are we?

We are an International Aviation Academy situated in Hrvatsko Zagorje, in a small town Krapinske Toplice, only 45 kilometers from the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

Our primary activity is training of military and civilian aircrews on helicopter simulators (Mil family helicopters). We are a proud owner of two helicopter simulators, certified at the currently highest available level, which create 99% of flight reality.

We offer various tourist packages for individual visits ("Become a pilot for one day with us"), group visits, team building program ("Crew on Board"), and we also offer the possibility of renting our space for business meetings / workshops / seminars ( "Use high tech space for your business success").

Imagine the feeling of sitting “behind the wheel” of a 10+ ton Russian helicopter with a flight instructor right by your side navigating you through your mission. From a comfortable and peaceful flight to a hard mission, facing difficult weather conditions, system failures, forces you feel when crashing… We can do it all!


WEB: www.heli-center.com

Price includes

package includes 

  • a visit to the Aviation Museum with a professional guide
  •  pre-flight briefing and a 45 minute mission in our Full Flight Simulator accompanied by a flight instructor and in extreme conditions:  different times of day and night, different weather conditions, emergencies, forced landings, etc..



*For persons over 15 years old


- Each ticket purchased for an individual package covers up to 2 people (the reason is that the crew in the type of helicopter, for which we have simulators, consists of 3 members, so that our instructor can fly with 2 more people at the same time)