Half day tour Zipline Pazi Medo

1 hour


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Zipline Beware of the Bear is one of the longest and fastest ziplines in Europe, situated in the heart of the region Lika, and only 30 km from the NP Plitvička jezera. The zipline is 1700 m long and you can reach speed of approximately 120 km/h depending on your weight and weather conditions. Lying down with the ‘head first’ position and attached to the wire you will fly 80 meters above the ground with the view that stretches over three beautiful Lika valleys.



• Taking photographs or videos with devices which aren’t attached to the person is strictly prohibited;

• Your pockets need to be empty before the start of the ride;

• At no time attempt to grab the zip-line – serious injury may occur;

• The user is obliged to inform the zip-line operator before the start of the ride of any possible cardiac (heart) problems;

• Minimum weight 40kg / Maximum weight 145kg;

• Recording is only allowed with the camera on the helmet.

• Required closed toe shoes

Cancellation due to bad weather

Zip-line Plitvice retains the right of cancellation of rides, despite reservations, in the following cases:

• Winds over 8 m/s (eight meters per second);

• Rain